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About us

Sightbox Trust is a charity raising funds to empower visually impaired (VI) young people here in the UK and in the developing world.


Sightbox Trust is about generating opportunities for VI young people through the medium of sports inclusion and friendship group generation. Furthermore, it is about celebrating strengths and signposting those strengths towards employability using the surrounding entrepreneurial and innovation focussed sightbox curriculum. We are about providing inclusion, and access to education.

With some 285 million VI young people and adults around the world and 39 million totally blind, there remains a global concern on the lack of employment and socialising opportunities, and the impact of this on health and wellbeing . This is where sightbox steps in.

Sightbox (and individualised sightbags) contain a selection of VI sports and ICT equipment providing the means to both participate and engage with communities. Simultaneously, the surrounding sightbox curriculum provides teaching and learning tools to connect pupil strengths to new innovation and routes to employment.

Your donation supports VI young people to connect with communities and thus better opportunities and better life chances. Our vision is to enable and empower their own visions towards a better future.

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